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01 Feb Toronto | Canada

Our proposal starts from a theoretical approach, speculatively re-interpreting the idea of passage as a product of urban error. We are interested both in re-conceptualizing error as a potential catalyst for passage and  reconsidering the different possible types of errors in the city and their...

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03 Nov Quap. quality of productive landscapes | Treviso

Bisson, S., Cipriani, L., D’Agostino, Z., De Zan, D., Menegotto A., Roma S., Smets M. (2005), QUAP. Qualità Urbanistica delle Aree Produttive. Vol. 1: Linee guida per gli interventi nelle aree produttive. Vol. 2: Atlante delle aree produttive della provincia di Treviso, Unindustria Treviso, Società...

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