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Laura Cipriani (ed.)


Johannes Widodo, Wong Yunn Chii


National University Singapore NUS

Publication Year



July 11, 2018

landscape, publications, research, teaching
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Cipriani L. (2018), Landscapes of hope. Reclaiming Malacca, NUS, Singapore.

[book in English – 333 p. – ill.]

ISBN: 978-981-11-8139-9


The UNESCO heritage city of Malacca is a historically rich center, but one in which environmental, urban and above all social crises are currently taking a heavy toll: building speculation, reclamation work along the coast with immense dredging operations, deforestation of coastal mangroves, soil erosion, sea-water incursion, water pollution and hydraulic risk are the heavy price paid for the city’s rapid and destructive development. How to solve such environmental, urban and human complexities? Can we as landscape architects and educators instill hope through the deployment of projects on various scales, from regional projects to the highly localized?
These projects start from the belief that the landscape is not only an environmental resource, but also a factor that can become an economic resource, a major driving force for alternative development of the territory and its cities.