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Laura Cipriani


Islands of possibilities. Venice and the lagoon city


Aracne editrice

Publication Year



November 30, 2017

landscape, publications
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Cipriani L. (2017), Isole di possibilità. Venezia e la città laguna. Islands of possibilities. Venice and the lagoon city, Aracne, Rome.
[book in Italian and in English – 227 p. – ill.]

ISBN: 978-88-255-0516-0


The islands and edges of the Venice lagoon have been forgotten for a long time. On one hand, the city of Venice absorbs and concentrates flows of tourists and financial resources, on the other, with few exceptions, the islands are relatively unknown due to the limited connections and their insular character.
Statistics show that day after day Venice is losing its inhabitants and underselling its identity. As the city is contracting, similarly the lagoon and islands are becoming depopulated, a phenomenon less visible than Venice, but certainly no less worrying.
What scenarios can be imagined for the islands and mainland? Can the landscape become an economic, environmental and social driving force to transform places? Can we propose a future for the islands and mainland based on the landscape and countryside? What are the centres for transformation of agriculture, the economy, society, tourism and the environment? How can we give back function and value? Can the islands become productive centres for agriculture and tourism?