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29 Oct (Fr)agile terra. Paesaggi di crisi e possibilità | Book

Cipriani L. (2019), (Fr)aglie terra. Paesaggi di crisi e possibilità. 01 La bassa friulana, Università Iuav di Venezia, Venezia. [libro in italiano – 229 p. – ill.] ISBN: 978-889-92-4395-1   Questa serie di pubblicazioni intende raccontare città e paesaggi lungo la costa del Nordest italiano: dalla bassa friulana alla...

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16 Jul Landscapes of hope. Reclaiming Malacca | Book

Cipriani L. (2018), Landscapes of hope. Reclaiming Malacca, NUS, Singapore. [book in English – 333 p. – ill.] ISBN: 978-981-11-8139-9   The UNESCO heritage city of Malacca is a historically rich center, but one in which environmental, urban and above all social crises are currently taking a heavy toll:...

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04 Jun The island that isn’t there | Italy

To raise public awareness of the theme of the abandoned islands in the lagoon, a temporary installation was created with the students. Entitled ‘The Non Island’, the installation intends to represent a piece of nature in the city and involves transforming a Venetian cargo boat...

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01 Feb Rethinking Treviso Airport Urbanism | Book

Cipriani L. (2014), 02 Rethinking Treviso Airport Urbanism. Landscape Design Strategies from now on, Rome, Aracne. ISBN 978-88-548-7437-4   How is the landscape modified by air transportation? Can the landscape and airport infrastructure be integrated following ecological criteria? How can an airport be integrated into the local context? What...

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03 Apr Padova and the landscape | Padova

The work is the result of a collaboration between Harvard University, Padova City Council and Padova Industrial Zone (ZIP). Under the supervision of Prof. Carl Steinitz, I organized and developed a two- year research project on one of the largest and most significant industrial landscapes...

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