superlandscape | The island that isn’t there | Italy
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L. Cipriani, J. Schröder, M. Ferretti with S. Hartmann

Student Participants

Politecnico di Milano | E. Falasco, M. Frangipane, C. Galmozzi, F. Gardini, G. Gemin, L. Giani, F. Lanfranchi, A. Lucchese, A. Pandasi, I. Paulot, S. Perina, A. Piccolboni, M. Rizzo, S. Sagramola, T. Sartor, D. Tirrito, E. Zupelli | Università IUAV di Venezia | M. Andreatta, A. Armentani, C. Barbon, G. Bernardi, F. Bortolato, E. Brunello, I. Canavese, G. Cattelan, G. Causi, D. Maggio, F. Paoli, N. Quirot, Michael Silvestri, S. Spiga, C. Zanella | Leibniz Universität Hannover | C. Tibor Bruns, Y. Cai, C. Chen, M. Chen, A. Eggers, M. Engel, L. Floeter, L. Hyso, S. Hanina, M. Hoepken, L. Iglseder, S. Koenig, K.M. Klein, T.T. Nevat, Y.Qiu, V. Schefers, R. Shen, C. Uyar, S. Westerhaus, Y. Zhou


M. Puglisi


June 04, 2016

landscape, teaching
About This Project

To raise public awareness of the theme of the abandoned islands in the lagoon, a temporary installation was created with the students. Entitled ‘The Non Island’, the installation intends to represent a piece of nature in the city and involves transforming a Venetian cargo boat into a temporary island with plants and lagoon elements. The installation was part of a joint workshop at the Biennial Sessions 2016 between the IUAV University of Venice, Milan Polytechnic and Hanover University. Action and reaction are a peaceful protest movement to involve public opinion, endorse the right to the city and the priority of a common heritage. The work is a symbolic act of how to support a project of common utility with simple formulas, starting from the bottom up, where planning is a stimulus to doing things together, as well as thinking.