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05 Apr Berlin Tegel | Germany

Ogni territorio, ogni paesaggio può essere letto ed interpretato come un palinsesto, un testo che viene continuamente scritto, riscritto e modificato. Le tracce si accumulano e si cancellano, raccontando il territorio e le sue trasformazioni, il passato, il presente e il futuro. Il progetto proposto si...

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20 May Venice | Elementary piers

The islands of the Venice lagoon have been abandoned for a long time. The city of Venice absorbs and concentrates tourist flows and economic resources whereas the islands and borderlands are today little known and poorly connected. The “Lagoon Park” institution has recently been abolished...

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01 Feb Marl | Germany

The city of Marl (Germany) is living a crucial moment. If the coal production age led to a widespread economic welfare, it has now left behind an heavily affected landscape: surface and ground water pollution, flora and fauna habitat destruction, soil contamination and impermeability, subsidence,...

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01 Feb Toronto | Canada

Our proposal starts from a theoretical approach, speculatively re-interpreting the idea of passage as a product of urban error. We are interested both in re-conceptualizing error as a potential catalyst for passage and  reconsidering the different possible types of errors in the city and their...

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01 Feb Montreal | Canada

During the last 50 years the city of Montreal has developed along the motorway linking the city to YUL-MTL airport. The airport has been progressively incorporated within the urban fabric, becoming the catalysing centre of urban expansion. The aim of the “Fertile Infrastructures” project, which received...

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